Beauty Reviews: My 5 Favorite Drugstore Beauty Finds (Under $15)


If you are a regular reader you know I LOVE Beauty products…. from high end lines to drugstore brands….

As a part of my new Beauty Reviews series, I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite drug store beauty finds!  You should be able to find all of these products at your local Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS or retailers like Walmart, Kmart and Target.

The best part- you should be able to find ALL of these products at a retail price point of less than $15 each…

I have a link to Amazon for each listing…but you will more than likely be able to find a better price point at your local drugstore.

Beauty Reviews: My 5 Favorite Favorite Drugstore Beauty Finds ($15 & Under)

#5 Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I don’t wear this daily…but I love this for when I want to go without tights or hose.

This is NOT a self-tanner. It is essentially a foundation for your legs. It gives the look of a smooth, even skin tone. (It also covers up blemishes)  It is “transfer and water-resistant”…but will wash off easily with soap in the shower.

It goes on light and blends easily and It comes in different shades depending on your skin tone.

Price is around $12- $14

#4 Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Cleansing Conditioner

This is my economical alternative to that awesome, yet very expensive cleansing conditioner…you know, that brand that starts with a “W” and ends with a “N”.

This product is sulfate and paraben free.

This Cleansing Conditioner is a lather-free formula that cleanses your hair without stripping the natural oils. It is a single step haircare regimen that will replace your shampoo and conditioner.

There are different formulas based on your hair type. My advice…double (or triple) the number of pumps recommended on the bottle. I find more is more. Then you will want to rinse thoroughly…rinse, rinse and rinse again.

Price is around $8-$9.

#3 Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

I love this liner as well as the $20 a pop brand I was using before I discovered this product. Though this liner comes in 10 shades… in my world there is only black liner.

I prefer dark, bold, soft creamy liners. I loath dry, hard liners that require you to tug them on.

I find this liner is both long lasting and it does claim to be “waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, heat-proof, humidity-proof and scandal- proof”

I do not have watery eyes. This stays put on me…HOWEVER….I do touch this up after several hours. I know a lot of beauty reviewers complain about touch-ups…but I don’t think I have ever met a cosmetic that does not require a revamp after several hours.

Price is around $4-$6

#2 Maybelline New York Fit Me Oil-Free Stick Foundation

I love this! I prefer a matte foundation. I love this because it is super quick and easy to apply and it does go on creamy and blends easily. It has “ultra-lightweight powders” so you end up with a matte finish…though I still follow up with a finishing powder. I am old school and like to “set” my make-up.

Like any foundation I have ever used…even the $$$ brands…you will still need to touch this up at some point.

#1 Maybelline New York Volum Express Falsies Big EyesWaterproof Mascara

I love this mascara. I can get insane length and great volume with this mascara. It is very build-able. I am a wand snob…preferring smaller, tighter woven wands to the big clunky wands some mascara makers still insist on manufacturing (why, why, why?!?!)

This mascara features a dual-ended wand….one for upper and one for lower lashes. Though I like to do my first coat with the larger upper lash wand and then my subsequent coats with the smaller wand. I personally do not let my mascara dry completely in between coats and though I can get good results with one coat of this…I can get great results if I build up several coats.

I do attend to do a full review of this product as a part of my Mascara Reviews series.

Price is around $8-$10

How to Save on Drug Store Beauty Brands

I have a link to Amazon for each listing…but you will more than likely be able to find a better price point at your local drugstore. Plus, don’t forget drugstores often have those BOGO 50% off beauty brand sales…these sales rotate…so one week Maybelline will be on sale and the next week Rimmel…and so on and so forth. Plus you can use coupons if available. You can check for beauty coupons here.

Don’t forget ULTA also carries drugstore beauty brands. Plus they often have coupons available. You can check for ULTA Printable Coupons here.

If you prefer to shop online, you can try these online retailers: or

This post expresses my personal opinions on these products. Your experiences with these products may differ. You will want to refer to each product for complete details. This is NOT a sponsored post. Prices may vary by store. Products may not be available at all locations.

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  1. Katie says

    Ok, I am totally going to have to try the airbrush legs now…I have passed by it so many times. Thank you for your input! I completely trust your opinion and can’t wait to have gorgeous legs! 🙂

  2. Steffanie says

    Thanks for the tips.. I love it when I see an alternative to an expensive brand I’ve always wanted to try, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money!

  3. Jodi BP says

    Do you have any problems with the ‘Airbrush Legs’ rubbing off on clothing or other surfaces? I have always been concerned about that. I have had body bronzer do that. And get spotty in the rain. (I felt like the Wicked Witch of the West. “I’m melting!”

    • says

      Great question Jodi. I have never had an issue of the product rubbing off. I do apply over a hard surface that I can wipe off. I do let the product set before I dress. Actually, I don’t recall ever wearing this in the rain. Have a great day! -Jessica

  4. says

    Um, I am going to have to get some of that Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I would love to have the look of nice smooth legs when I wear dressers, skirts or shorts. Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely picking some up. Thank you for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

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