About Me!


About the Blog

Hello! So glad you have found my blog. I love to find and share unique deals, as well as share neat crafts and DIY projects and easy recipes here on Living Chic on the Cheap.

I like to think my blog reflects me. I love my family, reading, and shopping….okay and shoes…I love shoes…a lot! And I am a Beauty Junkie. I know for a fact you can have nice things even on a budget. If you love getting a deal and you love beauty, fashion and home decor this is the site for you.


So the “blog experts” tell me I should tell you 10 things about myself…so here we go…

10 Things About Me

1. My kids think I am 29, because that is one rumor I would like spread around. Feel free to join in.


2. I am Southern (Bless my heart) and I love Southern food. (Especially my Mamaw Betty’s.)


3. I drink way too much coffee- dark roast and I take it black. I do not drink coffee I can see through. #principles (Check out my cute coffee purse.)


4. I am kind of obsessed with Lavender tea and Lavender soda. (When I am not drinking coffee of course.)



5. I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead. (Was that overkill on the pics? No. I have more.)


6. I used to play guitar for an all girl band. (Back when I was cool.)

7. I mostly read YA and paranormal romance books. (Judge if you must.)


8. I talk so much for stuffed animals…  I am surprised my kids have real friends.

9. I love politics (though I never discuss them on the blog.)

jessicamascara  lash5bw    modelface

10. I was called “little miss make-up” in high school (I have no idea why). I do occasionally glam up, but mostly I hang on for dear life since the kids came.


I get in too much trouble with these people. My girls! Carrie and Allison. We go on many an adventure. It is always fun.


I also help Katie over on her blog Kroger Krazy. If AWESOME became human it would be Katie. She is a fireball!


I have 2 beautiful boys, my oldest is 7 going on 45. My youngest is 5 going on 4. 🙂 They are different as night and day. They are the most amazing people I know.



I have 2 senior citizen Basset Hounds (…and they will be my last two basset hounds). Hank is a jerk and Flash has the i.q. of a rock. Still I love them…i think.


Isn’t he just gorgeous?


Don’t let us disturb you Flash. Carry on.


Fluff is our cat. She is fairly normal….though she loves to lick plastic (drives me up a wall). She also loves to be held. As far as Fluff is concerned, my husband hung the moon. If she tells you we never give her treats…do not believe her. She is a liar. (Hey, we all have our issues.)