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I love blogs! So much I started this one back in November 2009. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work, but it is rewarding to see it grow everyday. I want to introduce you to a new blog every week- all different types of blogs. So please check them out, you may find one that you really love!
I love the blog of the week! Chi-Town Cheapskate features some great deals! Rita is fairly new to the scene but it one of the best at finding deals out there. You have probably seen her blog credited on several sites including this one on a regular basis. She is also a super nice person and one of my good blogger buds.  I know you will love Rita’s Blog as much as I do….So please check out my “Blog of The Week”!
Hi, I’m Rita and I started Chi-Town Cheapskate back in April. It’s been a lot of work but also rewarding and I’ve met some great people like Jessica who have helped me learn the ropes of blogging!

I’ve always been frugal but once I started couponing and researching saving money on-line I found out there is a whole community out there of people just like me…..and we love to save money and help each other shop smarter & save harder!

I enjoy finding great deals and passing them along to others who may not have the time to search them out themselves! In today’s economy we’ve all had to learn to cut-back. I like to think I’ve helped others learn ways to stretch their hard earned money as far as they can!

As I’m located in the Chicago area I like to find fun and frugal things to do and pass those along to my readers as well! 

(Thanks Jessica for the opportunity! You’ve been very helpful to me since I started up my blog and I hope you realize how grateful I am!)
You are very welcome Rita! 🙂
To go to the Chi-Town Cheapskate site click here.

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  1. Mary says

    I’ve never blogged, tweeted, etc. (I’m so behind the times) but I read about your blog and decided to take a look. I’m all about stretching the dollar! I’m looking for an xbox 360 for my husband and I would like to get it as cheap as I can because I don’t know how much he will play it after the newness wears off (my 55 year old kid!) Can you help?

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