Valentine’s Day Crafts: Bubble Gum Necklace


Valentine’s Day Crafts

I originally posted this last year. I wanted to mention it again with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. I had found the idea for these fun Bubble Gum Necklaces on One Charming Party! As you may know, I have 2 sons…but last year my oldest son fell in love and wanted to lavish his “girlfriend” with gifts. I decided to make her this necklace and it was a hit. Now, even though this Bubble Gum Necklace is for kids…this is an adult project.


All you need:

Large Pretty Gum Balls (like these) – I have also spotted these at JoAnn




How I Did it:

First, pierce one side of the gumball CAREFULLY with a metal skewer.  Hold the top of the gum ball steady as you guide the skewer about half way through the gumball. I also used a towel to prevent slipping.

Next, flip the gum ball over and pierce another hole directly opposite of the first hole. If you try to poke a hole straight through both sides at once the gum ball may crack.

Finally, use a large needle or the end of your skewer and thread the ribbon through the gum balls.  Be sure to tie a knot between each gum ball as you string it.


Cost: Super Inexpensive. A bag ofgumballs should run you between $5-$8 (or $2.50-$4 after craft coupon). You can find ribbon for $1 or less. You can do several necklaces for well under $10!

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