Make Your Own “I Spy” Bottles


Here is a fun DIY you can make for your kiddos on the cheap! DIY I Spy Bottles! I originally made this craft two years ago.  The finished bottles featured in this post are from 2013. It is funny because every few months my kids find these bottles, pull them out, go on a treasure hunt and then the disappear back into the toy box. Still, pretty good longevity for an easy, inexpensive, upcycle craft.

I originally spotted this idea at our pediatricians office.  I figured I could easily duplicate the project at home and I did!  You can too. It is so easy.


What you will need:

Empty Wide Mouth Plastic Bottle with Lid

Small Knick-Knacks

Sand or Uncooked White Rice

Super Glue

Note Card & Pen


BEFORE WE START… I highly recommend that once the craft is complete you super glue the lid. This of course means once an object goes in,  it will live there for a very long time. Speaking from personal experience here….make sure your children are cool with the knick-knacks you plan to use having a new permanent home.


Step 1

Start with a clean, dry plastic bottle. Remove the label. You will want to use a wide mouth bottle so you can more easily fit the objects inside.

Step 2

Start filling the bottle alternating between sand and objects until the bottle is almost full.

Step 3

Be sure to write down ALL of the objects you place inside the bottle on a note card so you will have your list of objects to find.

Step 4

Super Glue the lid! (Adults Only) Allow to dry and you are ready!


I have found these I Spy Bottles are prefect for car trips, restaurants, church…anytime you need to keep the kiddos quiet and entertained. Once they are bored with them just put them up and break them back out in a couple months!


As far as the cost of the project… we already had the knick-knacks. I purchased a 50 pound bag of sand at my local hardware store. It was $4. (You can use the rest of the sand to make this projectStorage Bin Sandbox.) My local Bi-Lo currently has both Lifewater and Vitamin Water on sale for $1. (I see these on sale often.) So you can totally make this project on the cheap. Plus, it is a great upcycle craft.

 This post is for entertainment purposes only. Remember, this DIY project should be done by an adult. Use caution when handling hot materials. Keep out of reach of small children and animals. If you chose to make this craft you do so at your own risk.

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DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost In A Jar

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ghost in a jar

DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost In A Jar

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DIY Playdough Mason Jars

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DIY Playdough Mason Jars

Here is a quick and easy craft for you! I came across this DIY Playdough Mason Jars idea on Pinterest and tracked it back to Delineate Your Dwelling who credits Lolly Jane.  I knew I had to make these for my youngest son. He is a play dough Jedi.

All you need are small jars, craft paint, super glue, modpodge and small plastic animals (like these)…..oh yeah and play dough.

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Crafts for the Kids: 7 Days of Spring Break Fun


Are the kiddos on Spring Break? Looking for some easy and fun DIY, activities and crafts for kids? Here are 7 projects ideas to help you out!

Crafts for Kids

Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough

A fun homemade play-dough recipe made with kid favorite Kool-Aid!  (Smells great!)

DIY Bird Feeder

All you need is an empty toilet tissue roll, some peanut butter, bird seed and string!

DIY Lightsaber Craft

Pool Noodle + Duct Tape = The Force

Make A Ocean Sensory Bin

Colored Rice and beach themed toys. My boys played with this for HOURS!

DIY Scratch Art

Perfect project for the art lover. Time to break out the oil pastels!

DIY “Moon” Dough

If you need to mix up the whole “play-dough” thing….try this easy Moon Dough recipe.

DIY Bathtub Paint

Shaving Cream, Food Color, Paint Brushes = Fun in the tub

If you are new to the blog or just want to take a stroll down memory lane….you can check out last year’s post for 7 more ideas!

Crafts for Kids: 7 Days of Spring Break Fun

 This post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to the Disclosure Policy for more details. Photo Credit: LCOTC

DIY Car Seat Cover


DIY Car Seat Cover

Guest Post by Megan

In the baby market, manufacturers are always coming up with new and improved products that make you say, “I wish they had made that when my children were little!” Well, the first time I saw one of these car seat covers, my immediate thought was just that! This simple cover would have been so helpful when my boys were little. Sure, we threw baby blankets over their seats when they were napping or the sun was bright, but the blanket made it difficult to carry the infant carrier. AND, let’s not forget what happens if a swift breeze comes by and the blanket goes airborne across the parking lot! Nobody has time to run after that while carrying an infant in a seat. Whoever came up with this simple solution is brilliant!

Here’s what you need to make your very own infant car seat cover:

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DIY Scratch Art


DIY Scratch Art

Guest Post by Megan

Need an easy art activity for a rainy or snowy day? Try making DIY scratch art. It’s simple.


All you need is the following:

1. White index card (any size)
2. Oil pastels


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Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament


Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament

So I wanted to post this really quick Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament Tutorial. I know…it is last minute…but these are so quick and easy to make….AND since we are so late in the Christmas Season…you can probably get plain ball ornaments at a steal. I grabbed a pack marked 70% Off last week at JoAnn+ I had a coupon for 25% off my purchase on top of that…score!


What you need:

Plain Acrylic Ball Ornaments (Color of Choice)

Black Paint Pen

Red & Brown Acrylic Paint

Small Paint Brush

Festive ribbon

Adorable Kiddo(s)



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Snowman Handprint Ornament


Guest Post by Megan

Here is a fun, easy handmade ornament craft that is sure to be a big hit….a Snowman Handprint Ornament!

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