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6 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween Collage

Here are 6 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts I featured on the blog last year…all of these are kid-friendly… at least in part.

Plus, they are all inexpensive and you may already have everything you need on hand to make a few of these without a trip to the store.

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Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough


I noticed a recipe for for Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough recently on Pinterest and I decided I had to try it. We were out of both homemade and store bought playdough….I have to say it worked very well.

I also like this No Cook Playdoughrecipe….but I prefer this concoction for 2 reasons…#1 the smell! The playdough smells like whatever kool-aid flavor you choose…#2 this did not stain my hands like the homemade playdough recipe that uses food coloring.

This recipe is also “no-cook” BUT it does require you to boil water in the microwave… so it is an adult-only project. (Please use the  caution when handling the hot water)


Ingredients for this homemade kool-aid playdough recipe:

This is Per Color:

1 Cup of flour (give or take)
1 Cup of boiling water
1 Tablespoon of oil (I used canola)
1/2 cup of salt
1 Tablespoon of Cream of Tarter
1 Package of Kool-Aid



Add all dry ingredients together in a large bowl and mix

Then add the boiling water and oil and mix this with spoon until the mixture becomes firm. It should be cool enough to handle after a few minutes of stirring.

Lay the dough on a plastic surface (or wax paper). I also added a bit of flour to prevent sticking.

Roll by hand and add more flour if it feels too sticky.

The Results:



My kids LOVED this Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough. It literally entertained them for over 2 hours…. We added beads (I had those for another project but I broke them out because my 6 year old and I were doing some math while my 4 year old started on the playdough). The beads were a hit.

Of course it was a mess…but it was fun.


After the Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough has cooled, store in an airtight container. This dough keeps well and does not crumble…but I can’t find out any info on how long it will last. I recommend just inspecting the dough periodically to make sure it is free of mold etc.

Please Note: As always, you will want to supervise children when playing with playdough.  This recipe is intended for Adults who will want to be sure to use caution while making the playdough- since it will be hot.

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This recipe was adapted from this recipe and this recipe

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Sandbox for Kids: DIY Sandbox


Sandbox for Kids

This is a great Sandbox for Kids idea….I actually came across this  DIY Sandbox idea for a Storage Bin Sandbox earlier in the Summer and made these up back in June for my boys. Our sandbox was put out of its misery after last Summer (and I was not sad) …. it was such a mess.

I love this idea because it is not only economical, it is a great way to keep your sandbox clean…and when you no longer want your sandbox….well just throw out the sand and you can clean the storage bin to use elsewhere.


Sandbox for Kids: DIY Sandbox Cost Break Down:

Storage Bin with Lid $6.50 each

5 pound bag of Sand $4.00

So I was able to make 2 personal sandboxes for just $17 (or $8.50 each)


I made the mistake of only making up one storage bin sandbox for both boys to share…that lasted about 15 minutes before I sent my husband out for another bin. Two Sandboxes worked out much better than one since my little one can get spastic and sand goes flying…right into big brothers eyes. Plus big brother is so particular about his sandbox decor.

My kids are almost 4 and 6…so I think one box per kid is a good amount of real estate.

These Sandboxes have entertained my kids throughout the Summer.


…and when we are done I just pop the lid on and wah-la!

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D.I.Y. I-Spy Bottles


Crafts are a great way to beat Summer boredom and spend time with your kids…I think my kids will remember our projects long after the toys are forgotten…

I spotted this idea at our pediatricians office a while back… I-Spy bottles….if you kiddo loves hidden object games, then I am sure this will be a hit!

What you will need:

Empty Plastic Bottle with lid

Small toys and object

Sand or Rice

Super Glue

Note Card & Pen


You will need to start with a clean dry plastic bottle. Remove the label. I chose a SoBe Lifewater bottle because I like the taste, the bottle is interesting and the opening is wider than a traditional water bottle.

Next I gathered very small toys and objects….small enough to fit through the top of the bottle. Make sure that you don’t grab any favorites or you will regret it. :)

Add a few objects and then add your sand or rice. Then a few more objects and more sand….repeat this until the bottle is almost full. (A 50 pound bag of sand set me back about $4 at Home Depot)

Be sure to write down ALL of the objects you place inside the bottle on a note card so you will have your list of objects to find.

This is the most important step: Super Glue the lid! (Adults Only) Allow to dry and you are ready!

At first I only made one bottle for my 5 year old….I figured my 3 year old would have no interest…what was I thinking!  I had to wind up making another I-spy bottle….2 of everything I should know this.

These are great for car trips, restaurants, church….anytime you need to keep the kiddos quiet and entertained. Once they are bored with them just put them up and break them back out in a couple months!

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