DIY Scarf Organizer


Here is a super easy and inexpensive DIY! We will file this one under the “Dollar Store Craft” section because everything you need to complete this craft can be found at your local Dollar Tree.  You can also make this in about 5 minutes or less….less if you choose to forgo wrapping the hanger in ribbon or cloth.


What You Need:

Plastic Hanger

Ribbon (or strips of cloth)- optional

Plastic Shower Curtain Rings

Clear Tape



Tape down one side of the ribbon up near the top of the hanger.


Wrap the entire hanger in ribbon and tuck in the end.


Add the shower curtain rings.


Thread through your scarves and hang.


If you like this tutorial, be sure to follow Living Chic on the Cheap on Pinterest!.….and don’t forget to take along this week’s craft coupons if you will need supplies for this project..


EASY Upcycle DIY: Make Your Own Bobby Pin Keeper

This post is for entertainment purposes only. Remember, this DIY project should be done by an adult. Use caution when handling hot materials. Keep out of reach of small children and animals. If you chose to make this craft you do so at your own risk.


DIY Gel Air Fresheners (Spring & Summer Scents)


Spring is here! I am ready for some warmer weather (though I will miss my sweaters and boots.) It is time to change out the scents too! This week I made these fun DIY Gel Air Fresheners. I did these in Spring & Summer Scents. (I did a set for Winter. You can check it out here.)


These are actually super easy to make. These are a great handmade gift idea too. You can use almost any glass jar, so it is a great upcycle project.  (I used old baby food jars.)


You can also use mason jars if you prefer.

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DIY Fabric Covered Pin Board


For the last 3 years I have done ALL of my own DIY projects on the site; however, this project is actually from my friend Allie!

I always admire the fabric covered pin board in her kitchen. A couple weeks ago we were hanging out at her beautiful home and she offered me the pin board she used to have in her closet. I mentioned it would make a great DIY for my site and she told me how she made it.

I am not going to deconstruct the board, but I think you will be able to make this yourself if you see a few close up photos of the board.

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DIY Cat Ring Dish



Here is another fun and super easy craft- DIY Cat Ring Dish. If you can color and glue…you can do this!


Not a fan of cats?….you could just as easily make a dog ring dish or a dinosaur ring dish! Just keep in mind you will need a plastic figure that has a long, thin and upright tail or neck so you will be able to stack rings onto it. (i.e. cat or dog tail or brontosaurs neck)


What You Need:

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DIY Decorative Clothes Hangers


This was such an easy project- DIY Decorative Clothes Hangers! I have done so many DIYs here on the blog and I have to say this is one of my favorites.

Another great things about this project- you can totally make these on the cheap. I don’t know if you have ever priced decorative hangers- OMGoodness! I have seen decorative hangers priced as high as $25 each! I made these for around $2 per hanger.


I think these would also make a lovely gift idea….housewarming, shower, just because…..

I decided to make each hanger different, but I wanted the colors/patterns to compliment each other. I went with a romance theme.

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Easy DIY: His & Her Sharpie Mugs


Now that I have your attention (wow… that is a lot of red and pink- my eyes, my eyes!)

Here is a fun and easy Valentine’s Day DIY! Of course it doesn’t have to be for Valentine’s Day. You can make these HIS & HERS Sharpie Mugs for a wedding shower gift, anniversary gift or a just because gift. You can also follow the directions to make a mug for any occasion.


Check me out.


The Mr. Volunteered to model. Nice!


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DIY Coasters


This is such an easy and inexpensive project- DIY Coasters!

You can make these coasters any theme you like! I made these for my husband…so I went with a fish theme….but you can totally customize these coasters (holiday, hobby, decor theme…).

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Make Your Own Mason Jar Sewing Kit


Here is a SUPER easy and handy DIY! Make Your Own Mason Jar Sewing Kit.


I love this because it has a vintage look. It is also practical. I completed this DIY in about 15 minutes. Plus, you probably already have all or most of the items needed to make this.

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DIY Picture Frame Storage Bins


A New Year is a great excuse to get organized! Here is a fun storage solution for little ones. These Picture Frame Storage Bins are so easy to make. My version is super inexpensive too… around $2.50 per bin.

If you have a child that does not read, then a photo bin is a great way to give him or her a hint where things should go. Since I have a 5 year old who does not read and a 7 year old who does read…I went ahead and added text to my photos.


I grabbed the plastic bins and the plastic frames for only $1 each at my local Dollar Tree. Your only other expense will be your photo and your glue or velcro.

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How To Make A Waterless Snow Globe

disclosure2snow globe

Here is a fun and super easy winter/holiday craft- DIY Waterless Snow Globes. I chose to keep my snow globe super simple, but you can definitely add more flare to your snow globes if you so desire.


What You Need:

Jar with lid

Fake Snow Flakes

Plastic Trees




These were super inexpensive to make. I found the set of two trees at The Dollar Tree for a buck. The artificial snow I found at Micheals for around $3 + I had a 40% Off coupon. The jars, glitter and glue I had on hand.



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