Lunchbox Apples: How To Keep Sliced Apples From Browning

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lunchbox apples

My kids love sliced apples. Hand them a bag of slices and they finish it. Hand the same kids a whole apple…. you get maybe 3 bites and then they toss it. This drives me crazy.

As you are probably aware, as soon as you slice an apple it starts to brown. My kids don’t do “brown” apples because brown apples have cooties…and nobody wants apple cooties. You see my dilemma.


So I purchase the sliced apples to pack in their lunchboxes. Just yesterday I purchased sliced apples at a cost of $5.49 for a 5 pack (each pack 2 oz).

I know what you are thinking…. I could purchase whole apples for less than half of the cost. So I decided to do a little research and found it is easier than you may think to make lunchbox apples yourself (using only natural ingredients). So I did.


What you will need:

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Homemade Oven Cleaner (Only 2 Ingredients)


Homemade Oven Cleaner (Only 2 Natural Ingredients)

Guest Post By Megan

If there’s one thing that makes me nervous, it’s the smell of something burning in the oven. Pizza, potatoes, and baking mishaps can result in drippage on the heating elements of an electric oven. Crumbs and juices fall to the bottom of the oven and just bake there…repeatedly…as in every time the oven is turned on.

In the past, I’ve used chemical oven cleaner which worked okay, but it smells like chemicals. I have also used hot water, baking soda, and a putty knife to scrape the oven ever so carefully. I’ve never thought to try vinegar until I saw a recent post on Facebook by a friend. It was too tempting not to try it.

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Get Organized: DIY Picture Frame Storage Bin


Get Organized: DIY Picture Frame Storage Bin

A New Year is a great excuse to get organized… and don’t leave out the kids! Here is a fun storage solution for little ones. These Picture Frame Storage Bins are so easy to make. My version is super inexpensive too…oh around $2.50 per bin.

If you have a child that does not read, then a photo bin is a great way to give him or her a hint where things should go. Since I have a 4 year old who does not read and a 7 year old who does read…I went ahead and added text to my photos.

The best part….I grabbed the plastic bins and the plastic frames for only $1 each at my local Dollar Tree. Your only other expense will be your photo and your glue or velcro.

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Get Organized: DIY Rewards Card Organizer


Get Organized: DIY Rewards Card Organizer

A New Year is a great time to get organized.

Drowning in Store Rewards Cards? Here is a simple solution that keeps your rewards cards in one place while making it easy to find the card you need at the register. I originally posted this last year and in that year I have used this method myself and it is awesome. I get so many comments from cashiers who love the idea!

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Chevron Tray: Save vs. Splurge


So I was out shopping in real life (as I like to call it)…instead of my preferred method which is online.


I spotted this chic red chevron tray at Target this weekend…look at the price …$35! Yikes.

It is a lovely tray…however….I did want to remind you about my DIY Chevron Tray Tutorial.


Granted I used a bit different color scheme…but you could easily do red on red.

Not counting the cost of the paint, mod podge and poly (optional)….because I already had those on hand and I have TONS left over for other projects….the Tray cost me about $6 to make.

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How to Freeze Herbs: Homemade Sauté Cubes

How to Freeze Herbs

How to Freeze Herbs

Are you ready for Fall? I wanted to remind you about my tip on making your own sauté cubes (How to Freeze Herbs)

Some of you may have an excess of Summer Herbs you will want to freeze…me…let’s just say I have some “problems” keeping my herbs alive.  The live herb plants at the grocery store are priced about the same as the prepackaged herbs in the refrigerated section…so in my attempts to be “frugal” I purchase the plants…and they usually die before I get a chance to use them.

So I use what I need for whatever recipe I had in mind for purchasing the herb plant and I freeze the rest. It is SO EASY…I just take fresh herbs and olive oil- freeze them into flavor cubes…these make for a super quick meal. Just add your pasta, chicken, shrimp or fish to the saute pan with one of these and wah-la!

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Mason Jar Crafts: Vintage Inspired Tinted Mason Jars


I wanted to remind you about this project….Mason Jar Crafts are all the rage….I had posted this easy Tinted Mason Jars tutorial a while back on Jessica’s Coupons (before my rebranding)… It is so easy!

I came across this idea and instantly knew I had to try it! I love the look of tinted Mason Jars…

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