Chevron Tray: Save vs. Splurge


So I was out shopping in real life (as I like to call it)…instead of my preferred method which is online.


I spotted this chic red chevron tray at Target this weekend…look at the price …$35! Yikes.

It is a lovely tray…however….I did want to remind you about my DIY Chevron Tray Tutorial.


Granted I used a bit different color scheme…but you could easily do red on red.

Not counting the cost of the paint, mod podge and poly (optional)….because I already had those on hand and I have TONS left over for other projects….the Tray cost me about $6 to make.

If you don’t already have the paint, you can grab an acrylic for about $1 and a small bottle of mod podge for about $5.

In other words, I could do about five (yes, 5) trays for the cost of one (1) of the Target tray.

So if you are feeling crafty…please check out my tutorial: DIY Chevron Tray (with Decoupage & Scrapbook Paper)

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