Coupon Organization: How I Organize My Coupons (Video)

I get LOTS of questions about Coupon Organization….there are many methods. There are pros and cons to each and believe me I have tried lots of techniques over the years…

The Binder Method is NOT for me

The video above features the method I currently use. I no longer use the “Binder Method”  even though I think it is a good method of coupon organization if you have lots of time to dedicate to couponing each week. Honestly…I hold the binder method partially responsible for my coupon burn-out…from which I am still recovering…it takes A LOT of time to clip and fold and organize….plus toting that thing around…not for me personally….

The method I  use NOW works for me because…

A) I have very limited time I can commit to couponing between the boys, the blog and various other commitments

B) The time I do have in 5-10 minute intervals (thus I can’t spend 2 hours at a time just couponing)

C) My kids are small and if I spread out all my coupons my two year old would roll around in them

D) I struggle with organization and this method incorporates very simple, organized steps

E) I shop of my “Shopping List” not my coupons

I am an Everyday Couponer

I also want to note once again that I am an everyday couponer….I don’t do major hauls…I shop normally and just use coupons and look for sales. I plan 4-5 weekly meals that require recipes…the other 2 nights we do something simple or we go out. I shop around these meals and the other products my family likes…in the past I have made my buying decisions based on my coupons and in the end it left me with a lot of products we never used. Now, I don’t base my buying decisions on my coupons…I base them on my family.

I don’t clip or print every coupon

I have a very different view on couponing than a lot of folks…if we don’t use the product…I don’t print or clip the coupon for it. Even if  the coupon could POSSIBLY make the item free if I found a Hot Sale…FOR ME it isn’t worth the time and effort I would spend for the POSSIBILITY of the Freebie. I realize this means I miss some deals…but that is OK with me. Remember my couponing goal is to spend the least amount of time I can organizing my coupons each week, so I only clip what I plan to redeem.


Brace yourself…because this is going to shock a lot of my couponers…I don’t typically use Sunday Coupon Inserts (gasp)…so I do NOT organize around insert dates. This is a personal choice…I simply found myself disappointed with the insert coupons each week…I live in a smaller town…so many of the really cool coupons, well… I simply was not getting. Plus, many of the products we use tend to lean towards the more whole/all natural/ organic items…typically not found in my Sunday paper. This is not to say I never purchase a Sunday paper…because I do on occasion if there are coupons I know we will use.  Since I spend SO much time online the majority of my coupons are printables….

This is works for me

Once again, this is the method that works for me. It may or may not be for you…maybe if nothing else you can get some ideas. 🙂

Thanks for watching!

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