DIY Bathtub Paint

My kids love bath time! So when I came across this idea on Kids Activity Blog I thought we would give it a shot…my 5 year old loved it…my 3 year old was into other things (like the plastic shark toys in the tub)

What you will need:

Muffin tin ($2 at Walmart)

Shaving Cream (not gel)

Food Coloring





Squirt shaving cream into muffin tin, then add the food coloring (one color per cup) and stir to mix. Head to the tub with your artist(s)!

On a side note, while my 5 year old loved his palette. I think the size was overwhelming for my 3 year old…so you could always put it in individual cups…it is easier for the little ones to hold.

Also, there is a good chance that the shaving cream will wind up in the bath water, so if your kiddo has sensitive skin you may want to take that into consideration and if you are concerned about the food coloring staining…you may want to test first (it didn’t stain my kids or my tub)

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