DIY Bubble Gum Necklace

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Here is fun craft or Do It Yourself gift- DIY Bubble Gum Necklace! I have made these for a couple of little girls we know and they are always a hit.

These make great Valentine’s Day gifts or party favors! You can coordinate the colors to your theme or liking.

Even though this is a craft that kids will love, this is a craft for adults only. You gotta be careful on this one.

bubble gum suppllies


Large Pretty Gum Balls (like these)


Metal Skewer (clean)

Needle & Thread

Towel or Paper Towel

bubblegum hole

bubble gum spear

bubble gum bowl

bubble gum thread through

How I Made It…

First, I pierced one side of the gumball CAREFULLY with a metal skewer.  Holding the top of the gum ball steady, I slowly twisted and guided the skewer through the gumball. I made sure my fingers were in a position so if the skewer slipped I would not skewer myself. I selected a safe, stable surface for this project and I also used a paper towel to prevent slipping. I working very slowly and very carefully.

Twisting the skewer slowly will help prevent the gum ball from cracking. The shell is hard and slick so you will not be able to ‘drive” the skewer in. I used 5 gumballs for the necklace in this blog post, but if you could use more or less.

Finally, I used a needle and thread to thread through my ribbon. I just stitched the thread into the end of the ribbon so I could carefully poke the needle through each gumball.

I tied the ribbon off and that is it!

You can purchase gum balls on Amazon. I found the ones I used at my local craft store. (You can check for craft coupons here)

bubblegum complete

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This post is for entertainment purposes only. Remember, this DIY project should be done by an adult. Use caution when handling hot and /or sharp materials. Keep out of reach of small children and animals. If you chose to make this craft you do so at your own risk.


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