DIY Car Seat Cover


DIY Car Seat Cover

Guest Post by Megan

In the baby market, manufacturers are always coming up with new and improved products that make you say, “I wish they had made that when my children were little!” Well, the first time I saw one of these car seat covers, my immediate thought was just that! This simple cover would have been so helpful when my boys were little. Sure, we threw baby blankets over their seats when they were napping or the sun was bright, but the blanket made it difficult to carry the infant carrier. AND, let’s not forget what happens if a swift breeze comes by and the blanket goes airborne across the parking lot! Nobody has time to run after that while carrying an infant in a seat. Whoever came up with this simple solution is brilliant!

Here’s what you need to make your very own infant car seat cover:

– 2 yards of coordinating fabrics (1 yard each); remember to iron fabric prior to sewing
– fabric quarter
– Velcro
– sewing machine
– thread



1. Place both pieces of fabric on top of each other, pretty sides together. Using a rotary cutter (or scissors), round corners of fabric using a plate as a guide.


2. Sew around the perimeter of the fabric using a 1/2″ seam allowance, remembering to leave an opening on one side approximately 6″ in length (this is for turning the fabric right side out).


3. Once fabric is turned right side out, iron again and sew opening closed. I continued all the way around my cover to make it look more finished and pretty (top stitching).


To make the straps:


4. Take fabric quarter and cut into two strips 8 1/2″ x 10″.


5. Pin each strip in half pretty sides together, making each piece approximately 4″ x 10″.


6. Sew around the edges of each piece, remembering to leave an opening to turn them right side out.

7. Turn right side out, iron, and top stitch opening closed and around the edge of the straps.


8. Sew Velcro onto the fabric straps by folding straps into thirds to determine Velcro placement.


Attaching the straps to the main piece:

9. Lay out main part of the cover deciding which side will be the top. Measure 20 inches up from the bottom and 11 inches from the side, pinning each strap in place.


10. Sew a 3″ x 3″ box in the middle of the strap to attach it to the cover.


And now you are finished!!!

Additions that would make this infant car seat cover more cute:

-Rick Rack or some other embellishment around the edges
-Button closures instead of Velcro
-Bows on top of the straps


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