DIY Gel Air Fresheners (Spring & Summer Scents)


Spring is here! I am ready for some warmer weather (though I will miss my sweaters and boots.) It is time to change out the scents too! This week I made these fun DIY Gel Air Fresheners. I did these in Spring & Summer Scents. (I did a set for Winter. You can check it out here.)


These are actually super easy to make. These are a great handmade gift idea too. You can use almost any glass jar, so it is a great upcycle project.  (I used old baby food jars.)


You can also use mason jars if you prefer.


What You Need:

4 Envelopes of Gelatin (1 Box or 1 oz)

Food Coloring

1-2 Tablespoons of Salt

2 Cups Distilled Water

Essential Oil or Oil Fragrance


(Stir stick, Large Measuring Cup or bowl, whisk, pot)


Step 1

Add the salt to 1 cup of distilled water and stir. Set aside.


Step 2

Empty out all the gelatin envelopes into a small container. (You are going to need to work quickly when it is time to add the gelatin.)


Step 3:

Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Remove from heat. Add gelatin. Whisk quickly until dissolved.


Step 4:

Add Gelatin mixture to the salt water mixture and stir.


Step 5:

Carefully fill the jars leaving some room at the top.


Step 6:

Add food coloring until desired color is achieved and then add the fragrance. How much is up to you. Stir well. Allow to sit out over night. (Do not cover.)


Upcycling Lids

For the lids I used washi tape (you can purchase here or at your local craft store) and chalkboard paper (I grabbed mine here).


Step 1

Cut the paper into circles sized appropriately for the jar lid.


Step 2

Cover the edges of the jar in washi tape. Fold over towards the top.


Step 3

Add your circle. You can use chalk or a chalk pen (like this one) if you want to write the name of the scent.


Pretty Mason Jar Lids

You will just need a pretty fabric or paper.


Cut the paper to fit and insert into the ring.


There you have it- very pretty and nicely scented gel air fresheners.

These air fresheners do not contain a preservative. The salt will help deter mold growth for a time, but not indefinitely. Be sure to use these right away and inspect often. You will want to toss them as soon as you see any sign of decay.

These are NOT edible so be sure to keep out of reach of pets and children.


You may also want to check out this homemade air freshener tutorial. This version uses baking soda.

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This post is for entertainment purposes only. Remember, this DIY project should be done by an adult. Use caution when handling hot materials. Keep out of reach of small children and animals. If you chose to make this craft you do so at your own risk.



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  1. says

    OMG what a great idea! The price of some of those air fresheners is outrageous! Plus I love the idea of reusing glass jars, etc! Thanks for the idea – I’m pinning this one to do later. What a fun project.
    PS-Stopped over from Wacky Wednesdays.

  2. Martha Victory says

    Will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing yr ideas. I am sure yr boys do try sth as well. ROLL ON MORE IDEAS TO TRY x

  3. Erica says

    This sounds pretty cool. I did have a question though. You mentioned that there aren’t any preservatives in this. If you had to add one to prevent molding, what would you add? Feel free to email me a solution. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Erica,

      Thank you. I have not really researched preservatives. The salt will inhibit decay to some degree. I have found that most of the gel evaporates before I notice any decay. -Jessica

  4. Rachael says

    How long do the scents last? And how long do the air Fresheners last? I really thought that this project would be fun and cool to have in the house, so thanks for posting this.

    • says

      Hi Rachael,

      I made these around the last of March/first of April. As of today (5/6) they have evaporated about half way. So I would say about 2 months…give or take. Thanks for the question! -Jessica

  5. jennifer says

    have you had any trouble with these melting. I want to make a gel air freshener for the car but worried that the gel will melt in the heat. Thanks

  6. Carla says

    Just a heads up – I’ve made this, and -especially in the summer heat – especially if you don’t use or even have an air conditioner, ours (even though we had the air on), got moldy, after about a week and a half. I haven’t found a way to fix it, yet.

    • says

      Hi Carla. I think it depends on humidity. I have one in my kitchen that dissolved down all the way to a whisper and never molded. The one in the bathroom molded rather quickly. I think it has a lot to do with environment. I think the salt helps some. That is why I like making these in the small jars. Thanks for the comment! -Jessica

  7. Question says

    Hi! Great idea – I am looking to make these for Christmas gifts. How many jars (and what size of jar) did this recipe make? Also how many drops of EO would you add to one jar?


    • says

      Hi Abby! Thank you. 🙂 If I remember correctly I was able to do the 4 jars pictured with the materials listed in the post. I don’t recall the exact sizes…. 3 jars were small baby food jars and the other is a small mason jar. I don’t recall if there was anything left over. (I would say not…because knowing me I would have found another jar and filled it.) As far as the scent, it just depends on the scent and personal preference. Personally, I have found mint takes very few drops….and lavender takes a bit more. It was a super fun project. Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a great weekend! -Jessica

    • says

      Hi Frances. These air fresheners do not contain a preservative. The salt will help deter mold growth for a time, but not indefinitely. Be sure to use these right away and inspect often. You will want to toss them as soon as you see any sign of decay. I recommend using distilled water and not storing in a humid or moist area. Happy New Year! -Jessica

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