DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost In A Jar

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ghost in a jar

DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost In A Jar

If you are looking for a fun and simple Halloween craft, you might want to check out this craft tutorial for Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost in a Jar.

My kids loved this craft, but this is one that mom &/or dad will need to help on. I wish I had a few more pics of the process, but I was helping three kids with this one.


What You Need:

Mason Jar with Lid
Cheese Cloth
Liquid Starch
1 1/4″ Wooden Balls
3/4″x 5/8″ Wooden Spools
1/8″ Wood Dowel
White Paint
Glow-in-the-Dark Paint
Decorative Ribbon
Scissors or Wire Cutters

You can grab most of these items at your local craft store. Be sure to take along these craft store coupons. You could also re-purpose a pasta sauce jar, pickle jar, etc. if you do not have a mason jar.



Step One:

Paint the wooden spool and ball white. Allow to dry. We did not paint the wooden balls and I wish we would have. If you do not paint the ball, the wood will show through.

Step Two:

Glue the spool to the inside bottom of the mason jar lid.

Cut the dowl to make a body and arms. You will want to use your jar as a guide. (Don’t make the ghost skeleton too tall for your jar)

Think about the placement of the arms. You will be draping the fabric over this “skeleton” to shape your ghost. Do you want your ghost to have hands up? Down?

Glue one end of the dowl into the spool and the other into the wooden ball. Glue the arms onto the body.


Step Three:

Next, cut your cheese cloth into squares.


Step Four:

Pour the liquid starch in a bowl and dip the cheese cloth into the starch. We did 4-6 layers on each ghost. Adding the layers one at a time.


You will want to layer the cheese cloth one sheet at a time over the “skeleton”. The layers will shrink a bit so make sure if you cut the bottom you allow for this. The ghost should be completely dry before placing it in the jar.

Step Five:

Since we did not paint our wooden balls in advance, my kids decided to add a some white paint to the cheese cloth. It works. The only drawback is that the fabric will not appear “drapey” in this area. Add a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint. This will make your ghost glow, but it will not be are “drapey”.  Allow to completely dry.


Step Six:

Glue a piece of decorative tape around the outside of the mason jar lid. Carefully insert the ghost into the jar and screw on the lid. You have a Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost in a Jar.

I realize the photo above is horrible. I can not even make it better in the photo editing software. I wanted to show you what you can expect the low-in-the-dark paint so the photo was taken in low light without the flash. It is cooler in person.


 This craft was inspired by the craft on found on eighteen25 I recommend that you pop over and check out the blog.

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All crafts should be supervised by an adult.

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