DIY Kool-Aid Lip Gloss


OMGoodness! This is such a fun, frugal and easy Homemade Beauty project- DIY Kool-Aid Lip Gloss.

You probably already have everything you need at home to give this a go.


What You Need:

-Petroleum Jelly (Unscented)

-Kool-Aid flavor of Choice (I used Cherry)

-Sugar Substitute (I used Stevia) *optional

-Storage Container & Microwave safe container


How to:

You will need to add the petroleum jelly into a microwave safe container. I just used a coffee cup. The amount of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) will depend on the size of your container.


I microwaved my my jelly in increments of 1 minutes to stir. I think it took about 5 minutes total to get the Vaseline to completely liquify. Both the container and the petroleum jelly will be EXTREMELY HOT….LIKE INSANELY HOT. You MUST use both caution and a pot holder. This is NOT an activity to be done by a child. This is the adult only portion of the project.


You will want to allow the petroleum jelly to cool back down.


Next add in your Kool-Aid crystals. Add it in bit by bit and stir, stir, stir.


The crystals will not completely dissolve, but it should not be gritty. You will want to continue to add crystal and stir until desired color is achieved. (I used very little crystals.) You may also want to add a sugar substitute…otherwise the lip gloss will be very tart. I used a sugar substitute (about a half packet of stevia) to sweeten the lip gloss. Granulated sugar will be too gritty. I suppose you could use powdered sugar.


The finished product! So fun. Once again I used Cherry, but you could use any flavor of Kool-Aid to achieve a different color and flavor.


I think this would be so so fun as a DIY Beauty gift or a slumber party idea…once the petroleum jelly has cooled, the girls could take it from there and add their flavor and sugar. It would be super thrifty also… a Kool-Aid pack is around $.25. You could grab Petroulem Jelly at The Dollar Tree for a buck. I picked up a 2-pack of small containers with lids at Walmart for around a $1 in the travel section. So you could easily make this favor for around a $1 each!

This recipe was inspired by recipes I found on Pinterest. Be sure to follow my Homemade Beauty Pinterest Board!

Homemade Honey Lemon Sugar Scrubcoffeesugarscrubhandscrublonfpin

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  1. says

    So cute! I have two girls. They aren’t quite old enough for lip gloss yet but I am always on the hunt for future projects 🙂 I have a few nieces I could try this with first though! Maybe adding sugar w the jelly while you melt it would work? Just a thought 🙂

  2. says

    What a great post!!! Congrats on being featured last week on The Wednesday Roundup Link Party!!! I’ve also pinned this one to our Features board on Pinterest {}. The Wednesday Roundup goes live every Wednesday at 7am est, we’d love for you to come by and link up again!
    Angela ~ LeMoine Family Kitchen

    • says

      Hi Angela! Thank you! It was so awesome to be featured. Thank you for pinning as well. I will definitely be back….thank you for extending the invite. I hope you have a great evening. 🙂 -Jessica

  3. Rylie says

    I thought this was a very cool idea! I am always on the lookout for some cool DIY’s especially when it comes to beauty!

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