DIY Picture Frame Storage Bins


A New Year is a great excuse to get organized! Here is a fun storage solution for little ones. These Picture Frame Storage Bins are so easy to make. My version is super inexpensive too… around $2.50 per bin.

If you have a child that does not read, then a photo bin is a great way to give him or her a hint where things should go. Since I have a 5 year old who does not read and a 7 year old who does read…I went ahead and added text to my photos.


I grabbed the plastic bins and the plastic frames for only $1 each at my local Dollar Tree. Your only other expense will be your photo and your glue or velcro.

Before you get started you will need to decide what you want to store in your bins so you can take the photos you will place on your bins. If you want to add text, you can use PicMonkey. They have a free version that is fabulous.


What You Need:

Plastic Bin (at least one flat side)

Plastic Picture Frame





First, you want to take apart your picture frames and separate out the pieces (please see photo above) If your picture frame comes with a stand you will want to break that off. Then you can toss the stands and the glass. I opted not to use the glass because that was just an accident waiting to happen for my crew.

You will want to push down or remove the metal tabs as well. I just pushed mine down.


You could glue, but if you ever want to change your photo- good luck. So I opted for Velcro. Add your velcro to 4 points around the frame. Once you have your velcro in place, then place the matching pieces up side down on top of the velcro that was already adhered to the frame.


This way when you press your frame to the bin, the inverted velcro will adhere to the exact points that line up with the velcro on the frame. Make sense?

This next picture may help…


You can see how the velcro is lined up perfectly.


Then add your photo and the frame backing and….


You are ready to add the picture frame to your storage bin!


Check it out. Pretty cute and super easy too!


I did my bins for Skylanders and Legos since those are the two main toys my youngest son has the most trouble picking up and putting in the correct place.

My boys loved these! My youngest even volunteered to clean up and take these bins out for a spin.

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This post is for entertainment purposes only. Remember, this DIY project should be done by an adult. Use caution when handling hot materials. Keep out of reach of small children and animals.

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    Clever idea! I’ve been thinking of adding labels to the baskets in our playroom to help our 5yo son clean up & find his toys easier. Like the idea of adding photos as we have a baby too and she certainly won’t be reading any time soon! I love those bins from the dollar store. We have one in our pantry for school snacks that I shared about last week here.

    Visiting via SITS craft link-up.

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