Easy Caramelized Bananas Recipe (3 Ingredients)


Guest Post by Megan

What do you do when your kids ask for dessert after dinner? We usually don’t serve dessert. It’s more of a special treat around here, but one night, after all their plates were clean, my boys asked if we could have dessert.

Not having much available, I decided to serve something which can be found in a Brazilian steakhouses. Of course, they can do it better than I can because I imagine they grill their bananas, but this recipe is good too for the average kitchen.


Ripe bananas
1 Tbsp butter


1. Heat butter over medium heat in skillet on stove.

2. Meanwhile, slice bananas in half and then slice in half again down the length of the banana.

3. Place sugar in a bowl (approx 1/2 cup), roll bananas in sugar coating all sides.

4. Place sugar coated bananas in skillet and cook until the sugar begins to brown.

5. Remove from heat and serve warm. You can also top with a scoop of ice cream.

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