Easy DIY: Make Your Own Ribbon Hair Ties

disclosureRibbon Hair Ties

Here is an easy, easy, easy DIY! (…and so so so inexpensive).  I don’t know about you, but I happen to love the new(ish) ribbon hair ties. (Though they are often way overpriced.)

You can easily make your own elastic ribbon hair ties for around $.20 each or less. You can also make one of these in about 30 seconds.


What You Need:

Elastic Ribbon



Pinking Shears (or scissors)

The Blue Chevron ribbon was $1 (It was a small roll). The Orange Chevron ribbon was $2.99 and I have a lot left over. Don’t forget to take along a craft store coupon for an even better deal.



1. Size your ribbon using a glass bottle and cut. This will keep your hair ties a consistent size.


2. Fold over and line up the ends of the ribbon.


3. Wrap the end of the ribbon around your finger.


4. Loop the ends through.


5. Pull through to make a knot.


6. Pull the knot tight.


7. Trim the end and seal.

If you use pinking shears I do not know if sealing is necessary. I sealed my ends anyway.

I sealed my ends using a lighter. I briefly touched the flame to the ends and removed quickly. You do not singe and discolor the fabric. You will also want to be very very careful and make sure an adult does this step.


There you have it- a cute ribbon elastic hair tie!


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….and don’t forget to take along this week’s craft coupons if you will need supplies for this project.
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    Oh my goodness! I am so going to make these for myself. These ribbon hair ties would also make an awesome gift or party favor!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Show Me Saturday. Our readers love posts like these. I can’t wait to see what you share this week at our party!

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