Frugal & Easy Craft: Make a Lightsaber for Your Little Jedi


We made these on Tuesday…and as of Thursday morning…they are still a favorite!

For the last two evenings, my husband and I have battled the boys in a lightsaber dual…this little craft has pretty much earned me rock star status here…

So when I saw this idea….I knew my boys would LOVE this….a) my oldest son LOVES Star Wars and b) my youngest son’s favorite catch phrase is “wah” as in fighting…

Just so you know I have banned plastic lightsabers from my home for obvious reasons…I am totally down with a soft foam noodle with a few basic rules….so this was the perfect lightsaber compromise….

Oh, did I mention…it is EASY and FRUGAL….

I bought everything I needed at The Dollar Tree (less the knife/scissors)…technically you could do 2…yes TWO lightsabers for as low as $3 even if you didn’t have ANY of the supplies needed.



Pool Noodle

Silver Duct Tape

Black Electrical Tape

Knife & Scissors

I did 2 versions…the original single blade saber…and then the double blade saber (think Darth Maul)…just in case you want to mix up the combat…and frankly who doesn’t.

Once again I picked up everything (excluding the knife/scissors) at Dollar Tree for a buck each


Single Blade Saber

Cut your pool noodle in half. Then just wrap the cut end in Duct tape (make an “X” to cover) and then start wrapping to make your handle….come back in with the black electrical tape for decoration (you can be super detailed if you like…my kids are 2 and 5…so precise replication was not a must for us)…that’s it!


Double-sided “Darth Maul” Saber

You will not cut your noodle…instead you will wrap the center portion in duct tape and decorate with the black electrical tape.

The swords take about 5- 10 minutes each…so super fast. (I have not linked the pictures- so you can click to enlarge)


These have been a hit for 2 days now! Even during Jedi “down time”…A Jedi is never with out his weapon.

May the force be with you as you try to entertain your small children this Summer!

I found this awesome idea over on Muddy Boots Blog

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  1. S.Lee says

    We made these! Thanks!!! We also put glow sticks in the middle hole of the pool noodles and put tape on the end to keep them in. Made them glowing lightsabers!

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