Gardener’s Hand Scrub


So I first came across the recipe for Gardener’s Hand Scrub last year. If you are into homemade scrubs, this is not going to be for you. I have to say I tried to improve on the original recipe and failed. Sometimes the original is just the best. I really like the texture of the original recipe. You only need 2 items to make this scrub. This is super easy and inexpensive too make and would make a great gift for a gardener, teacher, great for a gift  basket, shower gifts, mother’s day….(I also have some coupons for the items you will need below)

What You Need:

Granulated Sugar (fine)

Dish Soap (like Dawn with Olay Dishwashing Liquid)

Container. (I found my container for $1 at Target)


 To Make You Garderner’s Scrub

“How much” of what you need will depend on the container you are filling. Fill your container 2/3 full of sugar and 1/3 full of dishwashing liquid.


Then you just mix.


Fill your container and you are done. I love the texture of this.

There are so many great dishwashing liquids on the market that have skin benefits, great colors and scents.  Perfect to keep by the sink!


Currently there is a Dawn Printable Coupon for $.50 Off! (For my couponers, you will know this will double up to $1 off at some places). I believe this is on sale at CVS this week and you can grab it for $.47 a bottle after coupon (this sale would end Saturday 4.19.14)! The bad news is there is not a direct link to this coupon. So you will need to go here. Then you will need to enter in zip code 10001. That should bring up the Dawn coupon for you while it is available.

There are also some Sugar Coupons here.


Disclaimer: This blog or it’s owner makes no claims health or otherwise about the effects or usefulness of this recipe. This post is for entertainment purposes only. You should address any skin care concerns with a skincare professional.

My Gardener’s Scrub was inspired by the recipes I found on Pinterest. You can view more of these Scrub recipes on my Homemade Beauty Pinterest Board.

You can also follow Living Chic on the Cheap’s Pinterest page here

coffeesugarscrubHomemade Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub

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  1. says

    I’m going to try this later today! I saw a similar scrub that was for dirty flip flop feet haha. I live in Hawaii AND I love to garden, so I think this scrub is for me. thanks! Visiting from Friendship Friday. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Savannah! Thanks for stopping by! I was so surprised by this one. I am really digging the texture. Yes! I think it would be perfect for sandy flip flop feet- lol. Have a great weekend! -Jessica

  2. Sandra says

    I made this yesterday. Love the texture and scent and the foamy cleansing power. However, today I noticed that the sugar had sank to bottom of jar and the soap was floating on top with a frothy top similar to beer. Did I do something wrong with the recipe or is this natural? Thanks for your assistance.

    • says

      Hi Sandra,

      Hmmm…I just grabbed the batch that lives under my sink. Nope, if anything the soap has settled in the middle. I gave it a quick stir and it went back to normal. I am not sure about the froth. Did any water get introduced when you were making it? -Jessica

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