Homemade Green Tea Sugar Scrub


I have a new body scrub recipe for you this week- Green Tea Sugar Scrub!

This is the fourth body scrub I have made for the blog and I have to say…it may be my favorite. I love Green Tea. I try to drink at least 2 cups a day. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. If you aren’t familiar with all recent studies on Green Tea, be sure to do a little Googling. It is really quite interesting.

This Green Tea Sugar Scrub is so easy to make.


You can save so much money by making your own scrubs. Not only are DIY Body Scrubs easy on the wallet, when you make your own scrubs you can control the ingredients.  You can also control the amount and texture.

The first thing you will need to do is make a strong cup of Green Tea. I used the small cup setting on my Keurig. Allow the tea to steep and cool completely.

You may want to consider using distilled water. (Your scrub will keep longer**.)

You will need three ingredients- Granulated Sugar, Grapeseed Oil, and Green Tea. The amount you will need will depend on the container you use. (Guideline below)


What You Need:

1 Cup of Granulated Sugar

1/8 Cup of Grapeseed Oil

1/8 Cup of Brewed Green Tea (cooled)

1 Bag of Green Tea (not brewed)

Personally, I like granulated sugar for scrubs. (Though Natural Sugar has larger crystal if you prefer a coarser texture.) You could also substitute Olive Oil for the Grapeseed Oil…or another carrier oil you prefer.

You will will need a large bowl and spoon to combine your ingredients.





Combine all the ingredients and mix well.

(I recommend adding a little brewed tea at a time.)

I find that adding the bag of loose tea to the scrub makes the scrub more interesting aesthetically. It also adds scent and texture.

The texture should resemble apple sauce or wet sand. Though texture is a personal preference.


Then just fill your container. (You will want to choose a container with a tight fitting lid.)

I tried this scrub today in the shower and I really like it. It is mild and the scent is subtle.

I do not use scrubs on my face. So any scrub I make with be a hand and/or body scrub.

I also think it would make a nice homemade beauty gift! You could use a bit of washi tape and a chalkboard label to re-purpose an old  jar into a giftable presentation.

**Since this scrub is made with water, it is not going to keep as long as a scrub that is made without water. If you would like a longer self life, you will want to delete the brewed tea and just add the tea straight from the bag.  Remember, there is not a perservative in this scrub. Always inspect the scrub before using and do not use any scrub that looks or smells odd.**

Remember, that this recipe does contain oil so if you plan on using in the tub or shower you will want to exercise caution. I am sure if you get this on the floor of your tub or shower it will make it extra slick. Also, you may want to use a plastic container if you plan on keeping this in the tub or shower. You always want to test any beauty product on a small area to make sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients. As always, if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients don’t use the product.

Disclaimer: This blog or it’s owner makes no claims health or otherwise about the effects or usefulness of this recipe. This post is for entertainment purposes only. You should address any skin care concerns with a skincare professional.

All featured were inspired by recipes from Pinterest. You can view more of these Scrub recipes on my Homemade Beauty Pinterest Board.

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  1. says

    Ooh, I love making my own scrubs, and I also love green tea. Great idea to mix the two! I’ve used my matcha tea to cleanse my face, but I don’t know why I haven’t put it in a scrub yet…

    The tea leaves look amazing in the scrub. I agree with your comment that LemonGrass EO would probably smell delicious in there. I’ll definitely be whipping up a small batch of this recipe next time I shower!

    – Found your blog via Mix-it-up-Mondays, if you like to know. 🙂

  2. says

    I love the use of green tea in this scrub. I also love that the ingredients are so simple and I actually have everything (don’t need to go to the store). My favorite kind of green tea is jasmine green tea so that’s what I have. I bet this will make a wonderfully scented scrub 🙂

  3. Issy says

    Hi! Great post. I was thinking of making some little scrubs for all of my friends for Christmas, but I’m very new to this so I have a few questions 🙂 Could this also be a lip scrub? Or would I have to change some ingredients to make that happen? And do I have to use grapeseed oil or could I use any household oil? Thanks

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing all these great scrubs! Have you tried using Argan oil in any of your scrubs as an alternative to other oils? It has twice the amount of vitamin e compared to olive oil and think it would be a great combo!

    Thanks again! Going to try this green tea one out today!


  5. Liz T. says

    I love your idea on adding tea from the teabag! I used brown sugar, honey, apricot & grape seed oil and found a box of vanilla caramel tea in the cupboard. I used it as you used the green tea in your recipe. It came out great and smells amazing like a fudge shop! And I am digging the fact I didn’t use any essential oils and it makes a great lip scrub too!

    • says

      Hi Liz!

      Thank you! Your scrub sounds wonderful. I love making my own scrubs….the possibilities are endless and you can save so much money if you make them yourself! Have a great day. 🙂 -Jessica

    • says

      Hi Tamara. I would use it within a few days with the water. Yes, it is still lovely without the brewed tea. I always smell and visually inspect my homemade scrubs before I use them. -Jessica

  6. Tazi says

    I used Jojoba oil and tea tree oil. It work out great however I need to use less tea tree oil the smell is strong. Do you know of anything I can add that can help taking away the smell?

    • says

      Hi Tazi.

      I have never used Tea Tree in a scrub. I am not sure there is anything that can be done to take away the smell. You might just try making a new batch and leaving the tea tree oil out. Happy New Year! -Jessica

  7. Sam says

    Would it be possible to sub in baby oil instead of grapeseed/olive oil? Also if I were to make this without the brewed tea, would I put in two teabags worth of green tea powder instead, or just the one in the recipe? This recipe looks amazing and I’m really looking forward to trying it out, thank you for sharing!

    • says

      Hi Sam,

      I suppose you could try subbing baby oil for the olive oil. I have not tried making a scrub with baby oil. I would just be extra careful if you plan to use it in the shower. If you want this to keep longer I recommend using the version without the brewed tea. The great thing about these homemade scrubs is that you can make them to your liking…if you prefer 2 bags go for it! 🙂 -Jessica

  8. Caitlin says

    i just made this and love it! The idea of using brewed tea plus the tea in a fresh bag is brilliant! thank you! I had lemon green tea, which is perfect for a little fresh lemon scent 🙂

  9. Amanda says

    I love this!! I didn’t have grape seed oil so I used olive oil. I’m not a fan of the smell so I added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Now it smells great and feels greater!! I also can’t tell you how long I searched for a scrub recipe that I liked AND had all the ingredients to. Thanks for helping me out with my DIY spa day!!!!

  10. Najiba says

    I just made this scrub & it is really nice!! It has a clean look to it. I added a little Lemongrass EO & Raw Honey. I thought of your recipe for this scrub because I’m making a green tea Lemongrass CP soap & thought the scrub would make a wonderful pairing!! I can’t wait to test them as a set! Thank You.

    • says

      Hi Valarie. I honestly don’t remember. It should come up to just over a cup I would think. If I remember correctly, I had a little bit more than the jar. I think I used the mid-size mason type jar for this one. The recipe is somewhat flexible and you can adapt to your texture preference:) -Jessica

  11. haniyah says

    i love the idea of a green tea scrub but could you just soak the teabag in the oil and not use water so the scrub lasts longer?

  12. Ursuka says

    Hi there! I made this scrub on Sunday but I noticed what appears to be coconut oil rise to the top and harden. Did you experience this? Any suggestions on how to eliminate this problem?

    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Julie. You can use any oil that is beneficial for your skin. Usually folks use coconut, grapeseed or olive oil in these types of homemade beauty treatments. You can google the topical benefits of each and decided which is best for your skin type. You want to avoid oils like veggie and canola oil though. Thanks for the question! -Jessica

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