Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough


I noticed a recipe for for Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough recently on Pinterest and I decided I had to try it. We were out of both homemade and store bought playdough….I have to say it worked very well.

I also like this No Cook Playdoughrecipe….but I prefer this concoction for 2 reasons…#1 the smell! The playdough smells like whatever kool-aid flavor you choose…#2 this did not stain my hands like the homemade playdough recipe that uses food coloring.

This recipe is also “no-cook” BUT it does require you to boil water in the microwave… so it is an adult-only project. (Please use the  caution when handling the hot water)


Ingredients for this homemade kool-aid playdough recipe:

This is Per Color:

1 Cup of flour (give or take)
1 Cup of boiling water
1 Tablespoon of oil (I used canola)
1/2 cup of salt
1 Tablespoon of Cream of Tarter
1 Package of Kool-Aid



Add all dry ingredients together in a large bowl and mix

Then add the boiling water and oil and mix this with spoon until the mixture becomes firm. It should be cool enough to handle after a few minutes of stirring.

Lay the dough on a plastic surface (or wax paper). I also added a bit of flour to prevent sticking.

Roll by hand and add more flour if it feels too sticky.

The Results:



My kids LOVED this Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough. It literally entertained them for over 2 hours…. We added beads (I had those for another project but I broke them out because my 6 year old and I were doing some math while my 4 year old started on the playdough). The beads were a hit.

Of course it was a mess…but it was fun.


After the Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough has cooled, store in an airtight container. This dough keeps well and does not crumble…but I can’t find out any info on how long it will last. I recommend just inspecting the dough periodically to make sure it is free of mold etc.

Please Note: As always, you will want to supervise children when playing with playdough.  This recipe is intended for Adults who will want to be sure to use caution while making the playdough- since it will be hot.

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This recipe was adapted from this recipe and this recipe

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