Make Your Own Boot Savers from Plastic Water Bottles



These Boot Savers are such a fun, easy and super inexpensive DIY project! For those of you who are into UPCYCLING trend…well this will be right up your alley!

I have been wanting to make these since last year and I finally got around to it…I know…I am procrastinator.

You can make these DIY Boot Savers from empty water bottles (I used SmartWater bottles because I liked the size), potato chip can containers (i.e. Pringles) or even pool noodles. Oh- this is a NO SEW Project!


I have several types of boots- my favorite Keen boots stand up on their own and do not require a boot tree or boot saver. Other boots…. like these adorable Fly London boots… tend to flop over when stored. (By the way, I found the Boots on Zulily last year at a great price. I LOVE that site!)


I did 2 versions- one using the water bottles and another using the Pringles cans. It takes very little fabric to do these. For example, the Scenes of England fabric was a fat quarter I grabbed at JoAnn for a couple of bucks. I was able to make two boot tress with the one section of fabric.

Ribbons and frills are optional. If you want to make these and give these as gifts you could add a few small touches to make them special.


I added a button to the bottom to give the boot saver a more finished look.


I also decided to scent the water bottle set of boot savers. This is so easy. (I have details on that below)


What You Need:

2 Large (or Tall) Water Bottles (Empty and Dry)




Fabric Glue

Rice (uncooked)

Essential Oil



Step 1:

Add rice to a mixing bowl and add in the essential oil(s). I chose Lavender. Mix well. The amount of rice and essential oils you use are totally up to you. I filled just the very bottom of the bottles with rice…maybe 2 cups. You do not need to fill the entire bottle. You just need enough rice to scent and to give the water bottle a little weight.


Step 2:

Next, cut your fabric (just enough to wrap the bottle). Tape one side down and wrap the fabric aground the bottle. You want to leave the majority of the fabric towards the top of the water bottle. You do not want a lot of excess fabric at the bottom.


Step 3:

Once the bottle is wrapped, fold down the edge and apply fabric glue.  I recommend gluing only up to where the bottle starts to taper towards the neck.


Step 4:

Press the fabric down gently. Allow the glue to set.


Step 5:

Flip the bottle upright and fill with the essential oil rice mixture. I could not find a funnel so I just made one out of paper.




Step 6:

I recommend making a “grate” out of cheese cloth. Even though you with tie off the end….I think it is a good idea to add an additional layer of rice containment.


Step 7:

Tie off the top leaving a bit of extra fabric at the end. This not only looks prettier but also will give you a bit of a handle to grab when you want to remove the boot saver.



Step 8:

You will want to finish off the bottom by applying glue to the bottom of the bottle and then folding the fabric down in sections. You will need to apply more glue to each section of fabric as you go.


Step 9:

Finish the bottom off by added a large button. Allow to dry.


Boom! You have a super chic set of boot savers. A word of warning….be careful with the fabric glue. A little bit got onto my bed frame and took off the paint. Also, I just want to take a moment and say the fabric glue I used was HORRIBLE…so choose your fabric glue wisely.


These I made the versions directly above using the Pringle cans….cute…but prefer the water bottle versions. (Especially if you want to add scent.)

Oh- be sure to take along these craft store coupons!



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    I must make these! I hate that my boots are currently “flopped over”….what a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought to make the rice scented….genius!

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