Make Your Own Brown Sugar Lip Scrub


This is a super fun and easy Homemade Beauty project- Brown Sugar Lip Scrub! Plus, it super inexpensive to make and you probably already have all the ingredients you need.

I use a lip scrub a few times a week to help exfoliate and smooth the lips. For this recipe you only need 3 ingredients.


What You Need:

Brown Sugar
Coconut Oil
(Raw Sugar Optional)


I do a lot of beauty DIYs on the site and I find that people often stress themselves out about making a homemade beauty concoction. The great thing about making your own beauty products is that you can make them to your personal preferences. You can change up to ratios and you can substitute ingredients (for example- olive oil instead of coconut oil or white sugar instead of brown sugar)


I am giving you 3 options for this scrub. These options are based solely on personal preference. I personally do not care for a wet scrub. I like more sugar and less liquid. That is just a personal preference. I recommend starting with the wet scrub and if you do not like the texture you can always add more sugar.

Wet Scrub:

Brown Sugar -1 part
Honey – 1 part
Coconut Oil- 1 part

Dry Scrub:

Brown Sugar -3 part
Honey – 1 part
Coconut Oil- 1 part

For a scrub that is in the middle go with 2 parts sugar to 1 part each of coconut oil and honey.

Also, I used a bit of raw sugar in with the brown sugar because I like the texture (totally optional).



Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and mix.



This is the texture I like…..very dry.


Spoon the scrub into your container and pack down gently. Make sure your container has a tightly fitting lid.

As for the container….I grabbed a 2 pack at Walmart for around a buck! (Found in the travel section)

You can add a label and ribbon if you want to give as a gift.


How long will the scrub last?? It just depends. If you want your scrub to last longer you need to make sure you have very clean hands when you handle (when you make and use) the scrub. Also, once you introduce water (like applying with your wet hands), the clock will start ticking faster.

When it is time to use the scrub remember double dipping can contaminate the scrub. These ingredients are pretty shelf stable and the scrub should stay good for a while so long as you keep in mind the tips above and keep the product in a container with a tightly fitting lid.  I ALWAYS visually inspect and smell the scrub prior to each use. Of course, if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients do not use.

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  1. says

    I have all these ingredients in the house already! I have been wanting to make some lip scrub, because my lips get extra dry during the winter. This is perfect! Stopping by from the Creativity Unleashed party.

  2. Monica says

    Ok so I made it and love it!!! My question is after I apply and scrub to I just wash off with water or do I just removed with a wet cloth or does it even matter?? Also can i also use it for face, hands, feet ect….

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