Make Your Own Solid Perfume Lockets


Here is an easy DIY- Make Your Own Solid Perfume Lockets. Of course, you can use this tutorial to just make the solid perfume.


If you have any perfume samples around this project is a great way to use those up!  You could also use essential oil if you prefer.


This would make a great handmade gift. (I made the cameo using washi tape, paper and Mod Podge)


As you can see I have a ton of sample perfumes….


What You Need:

Carrier Oil (Grapeseed, Jojoba, Almond)


Lockets or other heat safe container

(double boiler, spoons, glass jars)


You will need equal parts oil and beeswax. I did one tablespoon of each to fill 5 lockets and I had some left over. My lockets were very shallow.

You can purchase beeswax in blocks or pellets. I think the pellets would be easier.


Add you oil and beeswax to the double boiler and stir gently. The wax will melt quickly and you will need to move fast.

I very carefully transferred my mixture into a small glass jar. It is hot, hot, hot! So you will want to use caution! I quickly added the fragrance. (How much you choose to add is up to you. It will depend on the strength of the perfume and your personal preference. You may have to play around will it since there is no set in stone formula.  I used a half a vile.)


Quickly and carefully fill ONE SIDE of your locket. You do not want to overfill or the locket will not close.


Allow the mixture to set up and you have a lovely solid perfume locket. I used these lockets. They are inexpensive, but they are very, very shallow and I would select a deeper locket if I decide to do this craft again. You can find more options here.

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This post is for entertainment purposes only. Remember, this DIY project should be done by an adult. Use caution when handling hot materials. Keep out of reach of small children and animals. If you chose to make this craft you do so at your own risk.

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  1. says

    Alea – thank you SO much for sharing these super cool DIY perfume lockets at the Creativity Unleashed Link Party! I liked them so much, you are my pick for this week’s ROCK STAR! You’ll be featured on all 5 blogs and you’re up for the vote to be this week’s MEGA ROCK STAR! I would love it if you could give a quick shout out for tonight’s party so your readers and fans head over to vote for you! See you tonight and congrats!!

    • says

      Hi Keri,

      AWESOME!! Yes, I like that… Rock Star! Thank you for featuring my DIY Solid Perfume Lockets. (Thanks for hosting too!) Hope I make it to Mega Rock Star (fingers crossed) I am heading over to tweet you now! Have a great evening. 🙂 -Jessica

  2. Mila says

    This was an amazing project! I love it! I used pots, but I think I may try some in lipstick tubes! Thank you!

  3. diana says

    hi!! i was just wondering, how long does this recipe last? 😊 also did the mixture ever react to the locket? thanks

    • says

      Hi Diana. I am sure the mixture will eventually evaporate. I cleaned out my craft/project closet a while back and I no longer have these or I would check the status for you. I did not have any reaction issues with my batch. You might research the ingredients you plan to use and cross reference them to see if there might be any potential reactions. -Jessica

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