Mason Jar Crafts: Vintage Inspired Tinted Mason Jars


I wanted to remind you about this project….Mason Jar Crafts are all the rage….I had posted this easy Tinted Mason Jars tutorial a while back on Jessica’s Coupons (before my rebranding)… It is so easy!

I came across this idea and instantly knew I had to try it! I love the look of tinted Mason Jars…

What you will need:

Mason Jar (or glass jar of choice)

Food Color


Mod Podge (I used Gloss)

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Pour about 1/4 a cup of Mod Podge into the jar and then add several drops of food coloring

Start turning the jar so you are coating the inside with the colored Mod Podge

Keep swirling, working your way up to the mouth of the jar.

Once your jar is completely coated on the inside, you will want to get as much of the excess Mod Podge out as you can….so you don’t have a puddle settle at the bottom of your jar.

The color will be opaque (see above)

Next I set my oven on the lowest temperature setting…mine went down to 170.

I baked for 20 minutes

Removed carefully and allowed to cool.

I turned mine into candle holders….though they would also look lovely with flowers or simply on their own.

I do not believe these are waterproof and these are not food safe…but I suppose you could fill with individually wrapped candy…and tie off with a ribbon for a lovely gift.

I also think you could probably use paint instead of food coloring…I might just try that this weekend!

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Idea Credit: Creative Little Daisy

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