Pirate Week: Make Your Own Spy Glass

So for our final “Pirate Week” activity….we made a Pirate Spy Glass…you can make this with supplies you probably already have aroound the house

What you will need:

Paper Cup (I used a Starbucks Tall- excuse to go get yourself a beverage)

Toilet Tissue Empty Cardboard Roll

Empty Cardboard Roll from Tin Foil (Plastic wrap, etc)

Paint (I used Black & Light Blue)

Clear Plastic (from plate or disposable container)


Sticker backed felt (left over from our headbands)




Glue (I used hot glue)


Paint the outside of the cardboard your color of choice (and then the inside). Once dry you will want to slice a “X” shape into the bottom of your cup so you can insert the roll from the tin foil (the longest tube). Next you will glue the toilet tissue tube onto the cup. Allow to dry. Then decorate as desired. I wrapped each layer in rope and then applied a Jolly Roger applique. As for end, I cut out a piece of clear plastic and hot glued it (large end)….not a 2 year old proof spy glass (I had to totally re-do it once little brother got a hold of it)…but pretty cool for big brothers (or sisters)

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