Swag Bucks: 101

So apparently there has been some confusion about Swag Bucks and I want to attempt to clear it up with this brief tutorial. I keep getting emails, texts, phone calls and FaceBook Messages from my friends, family and readers- I love Swag Bucks and you will too (once you get up and going).

What is Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks is a search engine that offers you the chance to win cool prizes  every time you search. It works like Google- actually it is powered by Google- so if you know how to do a Google Search you won’t have any problems using Swag Bucks for your internet searches.

What are Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks is a type of virtual currency (like frequent flier miles). The more you search the internet, the more you earn. They are awarded randomly and the amounts vary. Some searches will win you $0, others will win you $10, $20, $30 or more in Swag Bucks.

Redeeming Your Swag Bucks
You can cash your Swag Bucks in at the Swag Store for all kinds of cool prizes: Gift Cards, Electronics, and more. Personally, I always choose to purchase the 
Amazon Gift e-Cards with my SwagBucks. 
A $5 Amazon e-Card will cost you 450 SwagBucks. When you go to the Swag Store, the prize categories are listed and within each category you will see the Swag Price for the specific Prizes. Once you have enough Swag Bucks to redeem the prize you want- you just select your prize and confirm your personal info (email address, shipping address etc.) Then a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Just open the email, click on the confirmation link and within 7-14 days your prize will post to your account. You will be able to redeem your e-Gift Card. If it is a plastic Gift Card or other “physical” prize- just check your mail box.

Ways to Earn
There are several ways to earn Swag Bucks- the most basic and highest earning is for your internet searches. Let say you wanted to search for “Jessica’s Coupons”. You would type Jessicas Coupons in the search bar and it would bring up the possible sites. Sometimes you will not earn anything for your search- other times you will earn Swag Bucks- it is random. 
When you earn Swag Bucks for your interent searches those are automatically credited to your account as long as you are signed in. If you are not signed in, a box will pop up asking that you sign in so you can claim your prize.

Swag Bucks Tool Bar
Another perk to adding the Swag Bucks Tool Bar are the Swag Codes released on the tool bar from time to time. These codes are time sensitive. Once you find the code- just copy the code and go to the Swag Bucks Home Page. Then paste the code in to the box that says “Swag Code” then hit the GIMME button. If you have entered a valid code before it expires the Swag Bucks will be added to your account. These Swag Codes vary in amounts; however, once you enter an accepted code it will let you know the amount you earned for entering the code.

There are other ways to earn like doing special offers, shopping, and referring your friends- those links are all on the home page. I am not going to go into that at this time because this tutorial is just the basic info to get you up and going. Once you have figured out the meat and potatoes of using Swag Bucks, you can click on the links to find other creative ways to earn more Swag Bucks.

As a special promotion in honor of Swag Buck’s 2nd Birthday, Swag Bucks has offered my readers a special 60 point code (new sign-ups only). This code expires tomorrow (3/4). So if you are thinking about signing up I would go ahead and do it now while you can get the 60 points. Even if you don’t have time to fool with it right now you can sign up now while the bonus points are available, and then go back and try it out at a later time. This way- at least you’ll have 60 points.

My Swag Bucks 
People always ask me how much I earn. Everyone is different. It depends on how much you do. I say I am pretty middle of the road. (but I am on the internet a lot) 
I have won 120 SwagBucks in the past 5 days for my internet searches ONLY. I have won additional Swag Bucks doing other things. Remember it takes 450 to earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card. I usually earn 3-4 ($5) Amazon e- Gift Cards a month. I am on the internet a lot and I use my Swag Bucks Tool Bar.

For the last 5 Days I have posted all my Swag Bucks Wins to My Personal FaceBook Page (Searches ONLY). 
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 30 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 20 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks 
I Just Won 10 Swag Bucks  
To Sign Up:
 Step 1: Go HERE
Step 2: Create an account (takes 2 min)
Step 3: Enter SwagCode: JESSCOUPONS (Case Sensitive)

And you will earn you 60 Free Swag Bucks! Woo-hoo!
How cool in that. Now this code expires March 4th.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me.

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  1. Joanie says

    okay here is possibly dumb question…i am new to swag bucks and in your opinion is it better to cash in for the $5 amazon cards or save up and cash in on the bigger $25 or $50 cards?

  2. JessicasCoupons says

    Hi Joanie,

    It depends how quickly you earn. It cost 450 for a $5 Amazon Card & 3150 for a $25. So it is a better deal to get the $5 cards, but I don't believe you can request more than 1 $5 at a time (I am not sure about this and I think it is a rather new rule). So if you are earning faster than you can cash in, you may have to go for the larger amounts- if you are just starting out then I would snag the $5 cards.

    Thanks for the question! I think you will really like swag bucks.


  3. Laryssa Herbert says

    I've earned five $5 Amazon e-cards. They are in my order status tab. How do I use them on Amazon? Thanks for your help, I've been trying to figure this out!

  4. JessicasCoupons says

    Hi Laryssa,

    Once you are on the checkout screen on Amazon you will see a place to enter your Gift Certificate Code (it will be on the final screen) It is on the right side about half way down under your total box. You can enter it on a previous screen, but it is easier to do it on the final page. If you can't find it let me know.


  5. KayleighS says

    Is there like a cash in recommendation or deadline? Do you have to cash in within a certain amount of time? Or can you just save up for long time?

    It's better to get $5 dollar ones? (In your opinion)

    Can you use multiple amazon cards at a time when you're buying stuff?

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm VERY new 🙂

  6. JessicasCoupons says

    Hi Kayleigh- these are good questions…

    I am unaware of any expiration on Swag Bucks. You can save up or cash them in as you wish.

    The $5 Amazon Gift cards are a better deal than the $25 (Since the $5 cost you 450 SB & the $25 cost your 3150 SB…So you could score FIVE $5 Amazon Cards for 2250…saving you 900 SB BUT Swag Bucks limits you to I believe 5 of each prize per month….so if you are rolling in Swag Bucks and have already used up your 5 opportunities on the $5…you would have to jump up to the $25 Card or wait a month….

    With Amazon you can use multiple gift cards. You can even apply them to your account before you even plan to shop…so you can score items for free!

    Thanks for the questions! I think you will love it once you get going. 🙂

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