Look for Less: Today’s Outfit of the Day (+ Cost Per Wear 101)


Here is today’s Look for Less…a coordinated outfit on a budget……when I worked in the Fashion industry…one of the topics I would often be asked to lecture on was dressing on a budget….and when I did this lecture my focus point would be “cost per wear”.

I have always recommended people invest most of their fashion budget into Classic pieces that are well made….even if it means paying a little more…why?…because these pieces will not go out of style and they are very versatile…in other words they will be worn often over an extended period of time.

Since the majority of your fashion budget should be dedicated to your Classic pieces…you will make up the savings with great deals on more trendy or special occasion pieces…since you will not wear them as often or over a broad time period more than likely…this will bring down your cost per wear and help you budget in the wardrobe department.

In the Look for Less pictured above, you will notice I have a basic classic flat front pair of dress Capri pants and classic peep toe black pumps. Notice both pieces are CLASSIC…they will always be en vogue…even as trends change.

Also… a trendy little clutch…sure it is a little “trendy”…but quite versatile and interesting…and hey…it is only $25.

I have 2 different tops…more on the special occasion side than the trendy side…but they are only $18-$24….so even if you only wore these pieces a few times your cost per wear would still be quite low.

So here is an example of Cost Per Wear…

If I purchase the Capris at $33 and wear them 10 times this year…my cpw would be $3.30. In essence it cost me $3.30 each time I wore the pants over a one year period.

Let’s take the $18 top…let’s say I wear it out to a wedding, a cocktail party and a date with my husband…so 3 times this year…my cpw would be $6. It cost me $6 each time I wore this top out over a period of a year.

This is why it pays to invest in Classic pieces you will wear often and make a minimal investment in pieces you will only wear on a limited bases.

Okay….end of lecture…here is where you can get the goods!

(Remember you can purchase the items individually as well…these outfits are just a suggested look!)

Look For Less

Zulily: Shadow Lullaby Sleeveless Top by Down East Basics $17.99 (original $30.00)

Zulily: Frappe Perforated & Pretty Top by Down East Basics $24.99 (original $37.00)

6pm.com: Type Z Walla (SKU: #7958162) $37.99 (MSRP $49.00) + Free Shipping

Kohl’s.com: Dana Buchman Solid Flat-Front Capris (Originally $48) Sale $33.60

ModCloth: So Glad You Cameo Earrings $11.99 + Free Shipping on orders over $50

ModCloth: Stylish Genealogy Earrings $12.99 + Free Shipping on orders over $50

Amazon: Ever Pretty Knuckle Rings Acrylic Stones Hand Shoulder Satin Clutch Evening Bag (List Price: $99.99)
Sale: $24.99 + Free Shipping Amazon Prime or Super Saver Shipping

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